Omid Moghadam

Omid Moghadam is the CEO and Chairman of Ascendant Dx, a diagnostics firm developing new diagnostics approaches to diseases with poor or no existing diagnostic tests. He is an inventor of 25 patented technologies, and a serial entrepreneur with 22 years of experience in commercializing new technologies. Prior to joining Ascendant, Moghadam had an appointment at Harvard Medical School's Center for Biomedical Informatics, where he focused on applications of personal genomics in clinical practice, and at Xovo Inc, a firm he founded to commercialize new genome analysis tools. Prior to Harvard, he founded two new businesses at Intel: Integrated Analytics Solutions, a division providing services to the genomics industry and Dossia, a corporation that created the first national network for managing personally controlled health records. Today, some of the largest US corporations such as Intel, Wal-Mart and ATT are using Dossia to revolutionize their employee healthcare offerings. Early in his career, Moghadam held executive positions with AMS-CGI and Eastman Kodak corporations where he spearheaded new innovations in cardiac imaging and digital photography. He is the chairman of CardioWise Inc, board member at NanoWatt Design Inc, OsteoVantage, and Resounding Health. He also serves on the advisory boards of Life Time Health Diary, and Base Health Corporations as well as an Executive In Residence at UCLA. Previously, he served as an advisor to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Children's Hospital Boston, and California Healthcare Foundation and as a board member at Best Shot Foundation, and Healthe Australia Pty.