New Study Questions Value of Mammograms

Controversy exists over the results of an expansive, long-term breast cancer screening study.

The results of a long-term breast cancer screening study involving 90,000 Canadian women has deepened the divide between healthcare professionals and cancer patients who feel that mammograms save lives and others who believe that there is not enough evidence to show that this is true.

Check out a recent New York Times article, "Vast Study Casts Doubts on Value of Mammograms," that highlights study results and discusses both sides of the controversy:

Ascendant Diagnostics is developing its first product, MelodyDx, a proteomic-based screening test that offers earlier, more accurate and less invasive breast cancer screening. "The problem with current screening techniques is that they only give you an image," says Omid Moghadam, chief executive officer, Ascendant Diagnostics. "Proteomic and genomic tests give you different types of information." He adds that down the road, with better informatics techniques, we may be able to determine the progression and speed of cancer, rather than just detecting its presence.