Ascendant Diagnostics Developing Tear-Based Breast Cancer Screening Test

It’s hard to imagine that testing a sample of your tears may prove to be a more accurate, less expensive way to screen for breast cancer in the future.

That’s the hope of our company, Ascendant Diagnostics, LLC, which is committed to improving techniques to diagnose serious diseases. Currently, we’re developing our first product, MelodyDx™, designed to detect the presence of breast cancer using the protein profile of an individual’s tears.

MelodyDx is a patent pending biomarker panel, which distinguishes differences in proteins present in human tears in order to detect breast cancer. The goal of our screening tool is to increase breast cancer detection at earlier stages while also reducing unnecessary exposure to radiation and painful biopsy procedures. To date, the biggest challenge to increasing the survival rate from breast cancer is accurate early detection.

 Potential Benefits of New Breast Cancer Screening Tool

The exciting part of our research is that MelodyDx has many potential advantages over mammography, including that our tear-based screening would be:

  • Non-invasive and less painful
  • Less expensive
  • More accurate, yield fewer false positives and able to detect cancer at earlier stages
  •  Especially advantageous to women with dense breast tissue
  • Capable of being used to screen males
  • Able to be administered in an office setting

Keeping You In the Know

We’ve started the “One Tear At A Time” blog to keep you posted on this groundbreaking research, introduce you to our team of scientists, clinicians and other staff involved – and provide you with news about the state of breast cancer diagnosis in general.

Our vision at Ascendant Diagnostics is to greatly increase the accuracy of cancer diagnostics, enable detection of disease at the earliest possible stage and improve patient compliance. We want to accomplish these goals through the use of non-invasive, pain-free and lower-cost diagnostic tools. Ascendant Diagnostics, LLC, based in Fayetteville, Ark., is a VIC Technology Development portfolio company.

We hope you’ll stay tuned for more information on our innovative work. Feel free to share your thoughts or ask us questions below.

 Omid Moghadam,



Chief Executive Officer, Ascendant Diagnostics